Fraud And no help from live chat

I have had ?uber in Netherlands charge me 2days ago. I have frozen my card and been trying to get through to support now. No answer via the chat for over 48hours. How ridiculous. I am due to go holiday in 2days and am not sure I want to unblock my card!! Please help

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Try contact via Twitter


y Greek debit card which have been used in the past to top up my REVOLUT card with 10 € was heavily targeted with fraudulent transactions in Bulgarian currency for the amount of 506,4 € and transactions explanation code 1571 REVOLUT.COM. My Greek bank notified me immediately for the unauthorized charges and the transactions have been disputed. REVOLUT’S response to my calls for CLARIFYING the situation to me was a NON-EXISTENT. Are we sure that REVOLUT IS IN THE position to protect its customers from fraud? My money was stolen b/c I thought it was safe to top up my REVOLUT card by charging my Greek Debit card. The same card was used by a REVOLUT customer to proceed with unauthorized transactions. PLEASE BE CAREFUL when you top-up your RVOLUT card by using another card for that purpose. Customer service was not in the position to understand my situation. The conclusion is YOURS.