France needs 3D secure, it is required everywhere here

I know this is not a big concern for most people outside of France, but in France 3d Secure is required by most merchants (95%), especially online.

Which means that I cannot use my Revolut card to top-up my university account to pay for lunches for example.

Coinbase is also the biggest place to buy cryptocurrencies and they require 3d secure for all french customers, so Revolut can’t be used there.

These are just 2 examples but almost everytime I try to buy online with my revolut card, it gets rejected because it does not have 3D secure that the merchant requires.

This is really frustrating.

Hope you can understand me,


I definitely agree.

In France 3D secure is (very) often a requirement on online payment platforms, and not being able to pay with Revolut on main e-commerce websites is a big problem.

Even when I pay online parking (some cities use Parknow for instance), I can’t use Revolut because it dosen’t handle 3D-Secure.

N26 released their 3D-secure feature a few months earlier, and it’s really good: when paying online, you instantly get a push notification on your smartphone, then you authenticate on the app (with your fingerprint, of course), then you have 5 minutes to confirm or deny the transaction. No SMS, no birthdate or other bullshit, it’s pretty easy and quick.

Revolut should definitely do the same, I don’t think this is very hard to provide.