France - La Poste Refusé /Postal Office Refused


Did someone already manage to pay ( ie. NOT ATM ) in France in a Postal Office ? I tried on automatic machine and to the desk just to buy some Stamps, but it did not work.

The transaction did not even reached Revolut and I think the terminal was connected to Internet so maybe LaPoste does not accept prepaid cards?


Revolut works only on connected terminals, so it’s likely that either there was a connectivity issue or it’s simply an offline terminal, especially since you didn’t get anything in :r:
It’s very strange that it didn’t work at the desk though, from what I remember they have regular, connected, terminals of payment.

I go there very rarely, I could only find one transaction for them (7 euros), in July 2017, which was successful.
Did you try in different post offices? Maybe this one had an issue.


Just like quentinb said, the terminal is probably offline because I never had issues using my card in France. The usage of credit cards there is quite vast so they just probably have their terminal offline.


The problem is that you the POS machines in post offices are probably set to “CASH ADVANCE” and not “SALE” option, and Revout cards do not support cash withdrawals from POS machines, only spending on them.


Thanks a lot to all of you for sharing your experiences :slight_smile:


j’ai reçu ma carte en début de semaine j’ai voulu activé ma carte ce matin dans un magasin mais j’ai carte muette j’ai donc testé un autre magasin et un distributeur mais toujours carte muette.

Avez-vous réussi a activer votre carte ?


Vérifie stp la sécurité de ta carte, blocage, géolocalisation, etc…



Merci pour ta réponse, j’ai fait plusieurs test avec un technicien par le chat, on en a déduit que la puce était HS, il me renvoie une carte qui devrait arriver cette fin de semaine


Ok, belle réactivité du service client !


oui même avec mon anglais très mauvais on a réussi à se comprendre :wink: