Fradulent activity


Hi, I wonder if you can help me. I have received 3 message in the in- app messaging centre and I can’t work out if they are real or not??

They come from someone called Martina on 10th May and she advises that my card has been blocked due to fraudulent activity at the Intercontinenal Hotel Group probably in the US and that I should apply for a new card. This is worrying as my partner used this same card on 31st May with no problems (as we didn’t see the messages from Martina until today!)

I don’t want to simply order a new card as if ‘Martina’ has hacked our account then surely they can just remove the cash that has been uploaded? However we are going on holiday at the beginning of August and we really want to continue to use our Revolut card.

Please can someone come back to me regarding this issue as a matter of urgency. Its very difficult trying to contact someone that works at Revolut and have a conversation about this!!