FR Paypal account and Revolut (again and again :D)

Hi guys,

I know it’s been asked a lot, but I can’t seem to figure it out :-/

I’ve got a PayPal account linked to a french bank account. I’ve got money on it from various sells (eBay/leboncoin/etc.) and I wanted to use this money to pay and withdraw when I’ll be in London in April. So I decided to open a Revolut account.

So far, I did manage to add my card to PayPal (but what now?), but I’m not able to link my revolut account in PayPal. I opened revolut iOS app, tapped on “top-up”, clicked on the middle button (currently my french bank account), clicked on “bank fund” (or something like that :D) and got the IBAn number from there (“Local”, not the “Swift” one). I tried to add is to PayPal as a new bank account, but it says that IBAN should have 27 numbers :-/

Any ideas how can I achieve that? And is it at least possible?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Do you get the error upon entering the IBAN or only after submitting it? You havent entered it with spaces inbetween, have you?

I get an error after submitting, and yes, I removed the spaces. But as far as I can recall, there was an error with spaces left no?

Yes, it appears that Paypal did not account for spaces and throws an error straight away, thats why I asked. I havent submitted the IBAN, only entered it, thats why I cant tell what happens afterwards.

I’d contact Paypal, Revolut probably cant help in this case as their IBAN is a correct one. French IBANs are in fact 27 characters long, whereare British ones only have 22, but that should not be the issue as you should be able to add accounts from most SEPA countries, Britain included.

If nothing else works you could always transfer it to your French account and then from there on to Revolut.

Yep, but I’d like to avoid that for various reasons :wink:

Via a different bank account maybe (if available)?

If none of that is an option you’ll need to contact to Paypal to get this sorted I am afraid.

Actually I think I managed to do so. I was trying to add a french account on PayPal. I changed it to UK and it worked. I have been able to add the amount and now I’m waiting for the 2 small transfers to confirm the account. I guess it worked right? Thanks for the insight alessandro :wink:

Wonderful :slight_smile:

Just out of curiousity, how were you trying to add a French account? As far as I can tell one can only add an IBAN and Paypal is trying (or not :slight_smile: ) to figure out the country based on the IBAN.

In the PayPal app, when you add a new account, you can select the country the account is held in :wink:

Alright, thanks, that seems to explain it. I only tried it via the website and there it doesnt seem to have that option.

But yes, then the selected country was most likely the issue. France uses 27 characters

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Hi !

same case here, in wich currency did you get the 2 transfers to confirm your account adding ?
I added revolut account as a GB account in Paypal (through the app) but I don’t have GBP in revolut yet ^^
should I convert a few EUR to GBP to “initiate” a GBP account and be sure to receive Paypal transfers ?
or these transfers well create a GBP account for me ?
or will they be converted in EUR (or USD, as I have allready have USD in revolut) ?


HI Elianora,

I don’t think I had to set a currency from what I recall, but all the transfers are made in USD if that helps :wink:

OK thanks
transfers arrived today, in EUR…
well my revolut account is confirmed in Paypal btw :+1:


I had the same thing. I wanted to add my Revolut card to Paypal. Two bank levies were made on my Revolut account, one of $ 1 and the other of £ 1.

It was £ 1 which contained the validation code for Paypal.

The one of $ 1 was canceled according to Revolut.

Does this mean that PayPal has canceled this one because my card has been validated or is it Revolut who canceled it due to duplicate?

[EDIT] Finally, the one of £ 1 was refunded by Paypal after a few days.