FOS Complain



anyone here has ever filed a FOS complain against Revolut?
I’m a Premium user.
Revolut is keeping 15K EUR since April 16th now. I filed for an internal Formal complaint but so far I got nothing at all.
@AndreasK maybe you can help here?
Francesco Romagnollo


Did you have any explanations regarding the issue?


Nothing so far, waited more than one month for nothing.
They still have to return a 15K EUR wire that was sent by mistake to my account.
The sender is absolutely MAD at me.
I’m powerless.


Sorry but it seems that there is no issue AT ALL with Revolut :slight_smile:


I don’t agree. Revolut should be able to send transfers back that are made by mistake. In principle, this could be done by a user on its own. But with the top up limit, there are scenarios where Revolut users simply can’t do this.


Also: There is no button "return payment’ nor do you see payment details. :thinking:


In most cases, one knows the recipient anyway. If one does not, banks can research the recipient without disclosing privat data.


This is a tricky situation : once again because of AML and KYC policies I don’t think they are even allowed to do a 15k transfer back…

The sender is mad at @fromagno and @fromagno is mad at Revolut but there is one incompetent here : the sender :slight_smile:


They are always allowed to transfer funds back to the sender. That’s what they are doing if someone does not want to proof the origin of funds.


They are not :slight_smile: The money is on an account and they are not legally allowed to transfer it back without the account’s owner approval. In our case the owner is Revolut… but the bank is Lyods…I am not aware of the specificities !


Why don’t you send it back, @fromagno?


Since the transfer was an error perhaps the reference number was not used, or his account was locked :frowning:

@fromagno is it the case?


No, the wire actually hit my account and it was correctly credited to me, but then, upon checking with the sender, he said that unfortunately he sent that wire by mistake, so Revolut proposed to me to.return the wire.
At first they said that in seven days the money would be sent to the sender.
Now, after more than one month there’s no news about the money.
I filed for a official internal complain on last Friday, I still have to hear anything back from Revolut.
Next step will be a FOS complain.


Thanks, so we have all informations now :wink: and I understand you are a bit angry ! and worried !


The Ombudsman website has a search option so you can check out complaint results yourself. Last time I looked there was 1 unsuccessful complaint against :r: but that was a while ago.


Yep, and currently 0 case for :r:


What’s the URL? That sounds interesting.


Well, that is exactly what they are doing. If you don’t verify your identity but did top up a small amount or if you send funds in and don’t want to go through the verification process, they send the money back to where it came from.


Yes but in this case the verification process was already conducted, anyway I don’t know how this kind of issues should be conducted but for sure the Revolut support team is overwhelmed by the current workload


Hi there.

Firstly, let me apologise for any inconvenience caused. However, I would like to clarify that the transfer has been reverted, as this has been already communicated via in-app chat. Which means that our payment processor is on the process of returning the funds back to the original source of top up.

Regarding your formal complaint, you will receive a response within 15 days timeframe in accordance with FCA requirements.