Forum recently started to logout my browser session

Is this just my browser or Forum admins changed the behaviour? I was able to stay logged in in forum for days, weeks. And now I think Im logged out after few hours or 1 day.

I havent particularly paid attention to that but will try to reproduce it.

Which browser are you using? Any extension that could meddle with cookies?

Is it a few hours or a day? More details :wink:

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Firefox, plenty of addons. But no new addons added in last 3 months. Being logged out after 1-2 hours. Maybe thats after Firefox 60.0 upgrade?

Had a session now open in Chrome for about 1.5 hours and didnt get logged out.

Maybe test it with a fresh profile and no extensions.

Could it be that you are logged in somewhere else too?

I just noticed logging out logs you out in all other browsers as well.

Nothing changed in my settings/behaviours since months. Only revisions of Firefox and its addons. Will test it with clean plain Firefox. Of course Im looged in only on this one device.

Nothing on my side, aid you try on the Revolut app ?