Fortuneo Gold Mastercard fees


I discovered I have fees asked by Revolut when toping using this gold mastercard card issued by french Fortuneo bank.
I already asked support that actually DOESN’T CARE and consider this is normal, this is a commercial card… This card is a standard card issued by french major bank and shouldnt have any fees applied. How can this be escalated to Revolut team to be solved ? Really disapointed by Revolut Support !!! Thanks for your help.


Is it a debit card or a credit card?


Hi. It is written debit card on it.
It also written the same on another card issued by another french bank and no fees applied with that one. Regards.


Revolut seems to consider Gold Mastercards are commercial cards, for whatever reason.

Same problem:

And now it seems Fortuneo is affected, so it really looks like it’s the card type (Gold) more than a bank problem.


French debit card seem to be considered as credit cards when they are “á débit différé” which is a french only type of card I believe.

Revolut seem to be updating their records each time we report the issue. You just to find someone who is willing to have it updated accordingly for you…

Boursorama used to the same and they solved it some time back.


Hi there. You will need to provide us a bank confirmation where it confirms that your card is not a commercial card but a debit card.


From what I’ve seen, cartes à débit différé are identified as credit card (at least for the bank Crédit Agricole).
That isn’t the issue anyway, credit cards from europe should be free of charge:

… unless they are considered as commercial cards. Which seems to be the case for many gold mastercards.
ING gives Gold Mastercards to all customers, it’s one of their “advantages”:

Hopefully :r: can find a way to really identify commercial cards properly :grimacing:


Just had the same problem with my stored ING Gold Mastercard, ( which is supposed to be a “debit” one), and Revolut charged me some 1.2% fee when topping up. But it was free two months ago ? And nothing about this case clearly written in Revolut’s T&Cs, otherwise I might not have signed in !..


Same thing happened to my flatmate’s Maestro, as she was using Rev-me. First there was no fee, then there was a 1.2% fee, but all is needed is a docs from the bank that the card is not a business card, but a simple debit.


OK, got it, I will try to get some doc from ING… (who said “a challenge” ?!!)
Thank you for the tip.


Funny, I just talked with ING, they can send me a doc, but it would cost me some 12€ fee !, just to justify i’m right !!!


@AndreasK any ideas how to get around that? Screenshot or anything else, simple pics of the card, blurred out certain details?


I’ll try a photo of my card, blurring out part of numbers.

@AndreasK any ideas how to get around that? Screenshot or anything else, simple pics of the card, blurred out certain details?

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apparently it’s the same with BRD. at least in my case…