Forgotten pin number

I lost my card and wanted to check if the card had been used. The app wont let me assess it as it says my pin number is wrong - i know it was entered correctly. I suspect that someone has found my card and is using it. I’ve blocked it via the blocking phone number. However i cannot access the in App support as i can’t access the app. After doing the “forgotten” pin process it provides a 6 digit pin but where do you enter this - the App only gives the pin login screen?
There is no phone number to contact for help - can someone here help?

App PIN =/= card PIN.

Besides, check the FAQ carefully . It fully describes all the unlucky scenarios, including yours.

Restore your application access, then go from there with blocking the card and checking if it was used or not.

I’ve checked the FAQ but it doesn’t explain how to use the 6 digit passcode or where to enter it?

I’ve updated the app and it progresses to show a 6 digit passcode entry but the system responds with a problem & please try again later. I really need to talk to someone?