Forgotten Passcode Process - Clunky/Confusing?

I assumed it wasn’t working at all, and nearly ended up deleting the app and starting again… The process I went through:

  1. Make sure the app has is closed.
  2. Open the app and select passcode instead of biometrics.
  3. Select forgot passcode.
  4. Supplied my phone number.
  5. Received an email and clicked the authenticate link.
  6. This took me straight back to the phone number request screen in the app…

For the first couple of attempts, I assumed the process had failed for some reason. On the third attempt, I entered my phone number for a second time and this allowed me to continue, answer security questions and complete the process. I think the app could be a little clearer.

Maybe give that feedback to :r:
They may never notice it here.