Forgot to add my 8 digit pin to message for the LOYD general account


Hi there,

i just transferred 600€ for my holiday to the GB LOYD account but forgot to put my account number in the message. I think I even put my own name in the beneficiary. :frowning: Live agent takes two hours it seems can someome here help faster?

Probably hoping for too much on a Sunday,

My account number is 69875813.

I hope someone can help.

I can PM customer service with the message I put if it helps.


you have to wait to complete the transaction between the two banks and you have to contact with support in order to locate your money manually.


If you did not use Revolut LTD as the beneficiary name with this transfer then it likely will not reach us but will bounce back automatically from Lloyds.

We can always manually assign a transfer into the account for you if you leave out the reference however!


Ok how long for it to bounce then? Any ideas ?


Hi there,

We are 3 weeks later and the money hasn’t been returned or transferred 6 hour wait times for assistance can you help some how ? It was 600 Euro