Forgot reference number!



I forgot to add the Reference number (82983734) when I tried to transfer money to my Revolut euro account. Will the transfer be rejected by Revolut? Will it go to my account? What can I do now?




Did you use your local IBAN or SWIFT IBAN?

If local, then don’t worry, you don’t need to put the reference number.
If swift, you have to contact the support via the in app chat to explain them your problem.


Hi Spoon,

I used SWIFT IBAN. I tried contacting the in app chat to explain the problem however the bot kept replying that “I needed to contact them through the in app chat” despite contacting them through the in app chat. That’s why I wanted to write here.



Type “live agent” in the chat to speak to a real person


I’ve assigned the transfer in your account. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K


Hello Andreas,

I have the same problem. I have just made a payment to a new beneficiary but did not enter my unique reference number correctly. The money has been taken out of my bank account (euro account) but I do not think it will reach the beneficiary without the correct reference number. Can you cancel the transaction or refund it?

Thank you


Do you mean you sent money FROM your Revolut account TO someone else? In that case you do not need to specifiy your reference number.


I sent from the Revolut app to Coinbase EUR Wallet. Coinbase said I should include the reference number but I entered it incorrectly. The funds have been taken out of my revolut account and bank account but not sure if they will arrive into the coinbase account (beneficiary account. Will it be received by coinbase even without the reference number or will I be refunded?

Thank you



I’ve exactly the same problem.
Instead of this reference 11913437, I entered “bourso Kevin Toledano”.

What can i do now ?


contact support



You need to clarify this with their support. Revolut is the wrong contact for that.


I kinda have the same issue with my transaction, however i didn’t forgot to enter the reference number, I didn’t even have the option to type it. All they asked me was the IBAN and the BIC numbers, there were no other fields to type the reference code.


send the confirmation over the chat. they’ll find the transfer for you


thanks Alejandro. done this via app . have the money already Gracuas !



I forgot to put the reference number into payment order (97242006), how can I get the money into my account?

Thank you


I made a transfer to my Revolut account and also forgot to put the reference number.
The payment is still pending could you please help me.
I am travelling tomorrow morning and need the money asap