Forgot pin


I haven’t used revolut card for a long time and because of that I forgot my pin code to access the app. Hovewer, when I press the “forgot?” button in the app, it doesn’t allow me to change the country from which I am from and so it stops me from getting my pin back. I am sorry if this post is in the wrong category, as I recently joined this forum, but does somebody know what could be the cause of this problem?

Hi @PauliusKaz,

why do you want to change the country ? Did you move or get a new phone number ?

Please contact the in-app support, Twitter chat or Facebook Chat in order to get help with that.


@PauliusKaz We can update your account information for you if it has changed. Please reach out on one of the platforms @C0ldwater suggested and we can help you out!

Hi, I forgot my code too !! and for months I just can’t get the chat to work !! that’s very very annoying !!!