Forgot password+impossible to reinitiate


Hello I contact you because I try for several hours now to recover my account. Here are the problems encountered:

  • Forgot my password
  • The last 4 digits of my revolute card to reinitiate the password doesn’t work
  • Account finish to be blocked
  • The assistance does not work: blank page.

So I created a second account to get help, which did not solve my problem.
It’s a vicious circle in which I am completely stuck.

I absolutely need this account because I only have this card for the next weeks.

Thank you in advance, truthfully yours

Kevin Cado


The four digits requested are the last 4 from your card used for top ups- NOT your Revolut card.
By opening a second account you may have created more difficulties but try inputting those digits into your original account request.


The 4 digits are not from the Revolut card but from the last card you used to top-up your account.