Forgot passcode

Since the last time she used her card my partner (now my wife) has changed her name and her phone number. She wants to log in to order a new card (her card expired last month) but can’t remember her passcode and as she has got a new phone number can’t use the ‘forgot passcode’ option because that needs an SMS to her old phone number. Now what?

Using the old number just wait 60 sec, then tap “I don’t have an SMS” (or something similar) then contact with in-app support.

This is ridiculous. Why can’t I get assistance with this?
Card has expired. Since taking out card I’ve changed my name (through marriage), my phone number (new contract) and all my debit and credit cards. I now want to start using Revolut again but can’t get a new card (old one expired) as I can’t remember my passcode and can’t use the ‘Forgot Passcode’ link as that involves sending a reset link to my old phone number - which I haven’t got! Please help me.

Redi has already explained what to do in this thread.

That is a very, very poor response.
If what Redi has suggested had worked we wouldn’t have had to repost - isn’t that obvious? That’s why your reply is so poor.
Every time we followed the procedure that Redi suggested it just took us straight back to the log in page without offering any other option.

Redi did describe the correct procedure for this kind of case. If it’s different for you, nobody here knows and you haven’t described the specific problem until now.

I suggest contacting Revolut on Twitter. But be aware that the social media team works regular office hours and isn’t available 24/7 like the support chat.

Like I said, what Redi suggested didn’t work.
In the app, enter ‘Forgot Passcode’ - that takes us to a screen where we enter the phone number that was on the account previously (yes, entered correctly, leaving the country code in place and dropping the front zero) and then all that happens is that it takes us back to the main PIN entry page again. Going around in a loop.
We’ll try Twitter tomorrow.

i visit this forum daily and 95% of the problems are just duplicates that are re-posted over and over again so apologies but unfortunately it wasnt obvious.

You can try to delete and reinstall the app. Or maybe try it on a different phone. You’re facing probably a different technical glitch where the standard procedure does not connect you with support like it’s supposed to do.

If you aren’t successful, I suggest to contact support on Twitter. This here is a user forum. There is only so much fellow users can do.