Forgot Passcode instructions are unclear


When using the ‘forgot passcode’ feature, the app asks for my phone number, and then for the last 4 digits of ‘my card number’. Nowhere does it say that this means the card last topped up with, and not my Revolut card. One would naturally assume that when accessing a credit card account, when the app refers to ‘your card’ it would mean the card that they issued to you, and not some other unspecified card.

Please make the text clearer.


Hi @twolverson,

thanks for the feedback.

When I reset my passcode it only asked for my phone number and sent a text.
Interesting, that you were prompted to enter “your” card number.

Hope you were able to sort out the issue and can enjoy your :r: again :slight_smile:



Hi @twolverson.

That’s a really good point. Thank you for your feedback. I’ve passed it on.


Andreas K.


Hey I just have an account on Revolut but I can’t access it because I have a new number since I last used it. A family member sent me money from overseas and need to collect that fast as possible.
I don’t remember my passcode. And the app thinks I’m a new user so it looks different from my uncles. I can’t find any button reset my passcode.
I need help


Seems like you created a second account with your new number. You can go to support chat and ask them to merge the two accounts for you.


Yes with my Australian number i’lol try


I will. I tried download the latest version still looks the same (4.18)


Contact support! They need to merge your accounts manually for you :slight_smile:


How do I find the support chat. Is it in FAQ?
Or on the
I searched “support chat” in the search engine I just find other peoples topics. :confused:


From within the app, tap help, then chat with us. You created a new account with your Australian number, right? So you do have access to a Revolut account, just not the old one.

When you can’t access the app at all, try to log in with the old number, wait, and then tap something that says that you can’t access the old number.

On a newly installed app, there is also a link on the welcome screen for the case that users got a new number.

And then there is Twitter. And then there is @AndreasK.


Let me know if you need help.


I have problems with reseting my passcode. I do not have any card attached to account so I can not enter 4 last digits.

I use google pay to top up account


I have sent you a DM so that I can help.


Hello mr Andreas.

I Have problem with retrieving my old account which i have created few months ago and already got the visa card.

I have changed the phone and forgot passcode. Cant see any forgot or reset button in my app now. It just asked me for phone number, so i filled it in and i have created absolutely new account with same Details.

Please advice what to do. I understand you and whole support team must be extreamly bussy, but iam currently traveling and need back my account asap.

I would prefere an email communication.

Thank you in advance.