Forgot my PIN-code and can't reach support

As the title says, I’ve forgot my PIN-code. I’ve tried pressing the “Forgot”-link and got to enter my phone number. After that it wants me to enter the last four digits of a top-up card connected to the account. The problem is that it was a long time since I used Revolut and don’t know any number connected. Well I had one written down but that doesn’t work. Since it’s so long ago there is nothing to see in my bank statement.

I’ve pressed the “Support”-link in the upper right in the app but nothing happens. What should I do?

I’m using an iPhone if that matters.

Hey there, are you able to reach out to your bank to obtain the last 4 digits of the card you previously used? The app can ask a number of security questions to re-set this for you.

What version of the app are you on?

No they can’t help.

Look, I’m using an e-card, a virtual credit card. I create one on a case by case basis and set a max amount to be withdrawn and a set expiration date. I’ve used so many of these through the years that the history only stretches a few months back, and it’s not easy to figure out which one I used for which purchase or transaction. I use this for my own protection so that if a credit card number gets leaked or something it’s just a throwaway card which I can even close if need be.

I didn’t even know I had to have the credit card numbers saved. In any case I had one saved as I said but it just doesn’t work. It’s possible that it’s the first I used but changed it later, I just don’t remember at this point.

But this is the kind of thing that support should be able to help with, but as I said I can’t reach them at all.

Version of the app? I’m using an iPhone so iOS. App store says 4.5.7.

So there’s no way I can contact support? Am I completely screwed???

For the love of god what am I supposed to do to get some help? I can’t contact support through the app as I described above and I can’t get any help here. Where am I supposed to go to get some help???

Isn’t there some mail address I can contact for support?


I would reach them through Twitter… :frowning:

You got lucky when you received one single answer from @larysa.stachowicz :expressionless:


I have the same problem. I have not used my Revolut account for two years so I forgot my password and I change quit my bank so I do not have my old credit card to reset the password. Were you able to reach Revolut and reset your password?

Yes. Contact them on Twitter. They were much faster to reply to me there.

Done, the problem is fixed. :slight_smile: