Forgot my passcode and got the worst customer support ever

I forgot my passcode. Alright , my fault… I have a thing remembering stuff but at the end of the day I say I’ll use the forgot passcode procedure and access my account with a new passcode.

The system asked for the last amount that I topped up my account. Hmm, let me see… I don’t remember when I last topped up my account. I see the chat with support option and decide to ask for another means of verification. The assistant in the other end of the line told me to check my bank statements. All right but how long back, I don’t remember… From which bank, I work with more than one … And which account , I have more than one in each bank …

Well I asked the support lady for any hints (was it this year or the last? the last three digits of the account) and I got nothing. She just kept repeating that I should ask my bank, she sent another transaction between two Revolut accounts ,to do it what? how could it help? I don’t know…

When I finally found the amount, I entered it as a whole number and the system refused it. I told the support lady about it and she said that it is not the amount the system needs but a 4 digit code of the transaction. The problem was that I entered 200 for example and not 200.00.

I am frustrated that it took me more than three hours to reset my passcode. Revolut has any kind of details and could verify me as the owner of the account somewhat else. I am asking for a reply from Revolut as to why the only method of resetting the passcode is by remembering when was it the last time you toppped up the account and if they plan to change it.

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Well, if that’s your worst customer experience, then purchase a Dell laptop, for example. You will most certainly change your mind as to what the worst customer service is :wink:

That being said, I agree there should be a number of options to verify identity (e.g. via camera, email etc)

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@leijona You have to think about security here. Being the owner of the smartphone is not something you can prove online.
That’s the most secure verification that they might have at the moment. It’s not easy to get the number in the statment? Easy for some, harder for others, but you would always need to have access to your bank account which is not as easy as having a 4 digit pin.

I know that you verify your identity with id card for example but imagine that someone robs you/has access to your:
Smartphone: They have access to the app. Photos and your personals details probably (or some hints).
Wallet/ID photo: Access to your id (which you use to verify your identity on app).

In the first case, they could contact support and if you have your personal information somewhere on your phone they could trick support.
Second case, if they have your id they could message support and ask to change the number that is associated with your account (they would need to know your phone number too) and use the id to verify for example? I’m not sure if this is possible but it is surely a option that could work.
If they have both, your money would be gone.

@Ratamon Your phone has your email connected to it right? Someone gets your phone, gets all your money. RIP

This is just one of the reasons why I think other types of verification might not work.
Even just confirming your name, address and telephone number would not be secure enough to give full access to the app for example.

It’s is so much harder to access your bank statement so that would keep your money a little bit more secure.

One thing that I think that they should implement is a second pin/password for this kind of things. One that you SHOULD always remember and would need to input if you want to modify any account details such as Card PIN, Account PIN, etc.

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Hi @leijona,

Just to clarify, the passcode of each account is private and only known to you. You just need to click on “Forgot” and then add your last top amount to the nearest pence/cent. You can find your last top up amount on your bank statement. If you have more than one cards, it may take a little longer.

As @Jorgixhallo said, that’s for security reasons. If someone finds your phone with all your personal information on it, it would be really easy to reset your passcode by just contacting us and giving your details.

Rest assured, we’ll take your feedback on board.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact us if you have more questions.



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These are all valid points, @Jorgixhallo. Surely, there could be a second identification layer like memorable word, second passcode etc. Chances are though that if you forgot your regular passcode, you will not remember those either.

You will never be able to eliminate fraud. The aim is to minimise it without jeopardising customer service and bearing extortionate security-related costs. I have no security specialism but the situations where you lost your phone, ID and all of the personal information at the same time should be very uncommon, I’d reckon.

As an alternative, Revolut may consider allowing people to log in using Emue or something similar (however, this will also require a passcode to generate a token)

Hello @AndreasK,
I understand the security issues but you need to balance better usability and security. I have close to 10 accounts in 4 different banks each one of them having their rules for the available data of your transactions. For example the one I sent the last wire transfer from has that limit up to 6 months back and the transaction happened 9 months ago. I had to visit the branch in order to search past data. I use Revolut for how fast you can send and receive money and all the good stuff everybody knows you do. Update your app and ask access to camera to double check the person with the photo id you have on your records and ask someother information too. And this is not science fiction… used already in other apps from financial institutions.



leijona, I suggest a memory improvement class.

How on earth can you blame Revolut for your convoluted financial arrangements and your inability to remember passcodes?

@Phil, read again my statement and find me please the part I blame Revolut for forgetting the passcode…

@Ratamon offtopic, but i only have good things to say about Dell.
had a keyboard replaced just by tweeting about it. :slight_smile:


I forgot my passcode and when i entering last top-up amount it turning me back to “enter passcode”. Support function not working. Please help.

Hey! Seems you’re using an old version of the app. Can you please update it?

Hi Andreas,

I have even tried tu uninstall and install again the application several times and it not helps.

Hmm strange. Could you please send me a direct message?