Forget your Revolut wallet if you forgot app's passcode


Seems I have faced a similar problem as the others, however I simply lost my passcode. Then I attempted to go through the ordinary procedure - tapped “FORGOT?” then the app asked for the last 4 digits of the card. Upon typing the digits the same info appears as in other cases “something went wrong, etc…”. Then I went to the helpdesk and ask the bot to switch me to live agent. The agent provided me with some 6-digits verification code which does not fit simply anywhere. Hence, I do not have access to my account and cannot do anything…


Hey @mmayor :slight_smile:

I’d suggest getting in touch with the support team on Twitter, they’re usually very informed and fast :wink:


I know that you’ve spoken with support, but just to be sure: you are providing 4 digits of the card used to last topup (not revolut), right? Then should appear field to type 6-digit code…