foreign POS usage seen as currency exchange

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Altough Revolut statement is that no fees are charged for bank transfer or bank cards usage to top up the Revolut account, there is a charge that comes from the difference in the demanded top up amount and the settled amount. My bank considers the transfer done with the debit card as a foreign POS usage.Practically, in order to have EUR in my account I passed through 2 currency exchange transactions: one from REVOLUT currency (whatever is EUR,USD,GBP) to RON via foreign POS usage, and then from RON to EURO done on REVOLUT site, as I was interested in having EUR in my Revolut account.I could top up my Revolut account directly with EUR if I would have known how a top up trade of Revolut is, for the future, it’s good to know if REVOLUT has local accounts in the user’s country to avoid a double ccy exchange.

You should always top up in the same currency as the card you are using. So if you want EUR. Then you should top up in RON and then exchange it to EUR inside the Revolut app.

Here is a more detailed explanation:

that is what I have done, I have a RON bank account with a linked debit card, I topped up with RON my Revolut account.however, the settlement between REVOLUT and my bank was done via a currency exchange, and not directly in RON.

So you went into the top up and entered xxx RON and clicked the top up?

to complete the answer. my topped ron1000 was done via an exchange of GBP with my local Romanian bank. that’s the reason of difference between the demanded topped amount and the settled amount.

If I understood you well, you wanted to transfer RON - RON, but it appeared RON- GBP- RON (then exchange to EUR).
If yes- IMO it means that during transfer you or your bank have used wrong currency description (during transfer you have to choose country and the currency)

it is just that Revolut was seen by my bank as a foreign POS user.

Hm, I don’t see how this should change currency of the transaction. If a card issuer decides to see Revolut’s top up service as cash advance, they might apply additional fees. But it should not interfere with the transaction itself.

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It is just a difference in amounts btw topped amount with revolut and settled amount with my local bank.example:i top up ron 1000 via maestro card,my local bank receives for settlement ron1014,describing the transaction as a foreign POS usage for a GBP-RON exchange.neither revolut,nor my bank is charging fees.

Can you check the transaction within the Reovlut app? Which currency do you see there? Does it show a conversion from GBP to RON? Or are you only seeing a RON transaction?

If you only see the RON transaction within your Revolut app, the + 14 RON might be some sort of fee for transactions abroad, most likely charged by your bank. Most banks only apply this when a transaction happens in a foreign currency, some banks apply them on all transactions from foreign merchants, regardless of the currency. Swiss banks also do that sometimes, for example.

It is not a separate fee;it is included in the settled amount.i asked the bank and they told me that it is seen as a GBP-RON exchange for a payment with a foreign POS.why GBP bcs the account used by Revolut is with a London subsidiary of a Canadian bank.that’s the way I understand.if would have been a fee from my local bank,that should have been mentioned separately,as it was a case for other card usages abroad-ex:withdraw of cash in EURO from a foreign Atm,abroad, comes with a separate fee of EUR5 equivalent…

You can easily check how Revolut sees this transaction: what are the details there? Do you see any conversion mentioned in the transaction details? If you don’t, and if you only see a RON transaction in the Revolut app, there did not happen any conversion on Revolut’s side.

If you do see a GBP / RON transaction, you need to be careful to top up in RON, and not in GBP.

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