Foreign Currency Withdrawal at Travelex atm (Heathrow, Gatwick etc.)

Hi, I was interested to know if anyone has loaded their card, converted their cash to the desired currency e.g. USD and made a withdrawal from a multi currency ATM (Travelex etc.) you get in most major airports? I’m going from Heathrow, and I was hoping to withdraw a few hundred in dollars in the hope it takes it from the USD dollar account on my card with no fee as there is no conversion (similar to withdrawing £’s from a travelex machine in the UK)

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The UK Travelex ATM will most probably convert the USD to GBP (at a terrible rate) and charge your card in GBP.

Better to wait until you get to the US to do it. Even though the ATMs there will charge a fee, they will charge the card in USD so you will get a better exchange rate which should more than offset the fee (if the amount is big enough).

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I have drawn EUR (base account GBP) from the Travelex machines at Gatwick and Bristol Airports without any problem.

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They will often try really hard to force DCC on you (i.e. convert the amount into GBP before debiting your account), thus giving you terrible rates.

The only machines were I managed to withdraw USD and EUR in London without DCC before were Raphaels Bank machines. See also here: