Forced app updates (by google ?) in playstore

Lately I noticed that google started to sneakily update playstore apps despite auto-update setting is OFF.
So also my Revolut app was updated from v5.x to v6.5.

I dont like that at all… User should be in control not google.

If updates are off, then there usually is good reason. For example latest version of app contains ads (not talking about revolut but in general) or design/features feels like “downgrade” not upgrade or app feels just perfect and any updates will just ruin it (for me there is such apps, believe me).

My fav mobile browser also got updated, but since latest version contains stupid feature I absolutely HATE (replacing webpage URL info with webpage title), I downgraded that browser right away to older version. Till next time, when google will do it… :grimacing:
Fight is on, I will downgrade it again :smiling_imp:


Personally I believe you should be updating.

If I were Revolut I’d restrict access for people not on the latest major version, at the very least.

It’s absolutely silly that you would stay behind like this.

They are introducing features that you’re missing out on + they aren’t changing it back to the way you prefer it.

As a result you have to upgrade eventually, so why stay on an earlier version?

But yeah, you have no good reason to stay on an old version. This didn’t even need a thread, in all honesty, since Revolut can’t force updates of apps it doesn’t concern them or this community.


My idea of using app(s) is more like “dont fix, whats not broken”.

I have no reason to believe that new version(s) will be better (for me) than current one (not talking about revolut, but in general).

Believe it or not when you’re using a service provided by an app

You don’t actually own it - you have permission to use a service from the provider

You don’t get to choose what is broken and what isn’t

They decide what will offer a better experience for most users and if you disagree you’re welcome to tap the ‘close account’ button and then to go elsewhere for similar services


Sometimes updates are just intended for features you might dislike, I understand.

However, it’s dangerous not updating bank/financial apps as you might also loose security updates.

A security bug in generic applications might put your device or your personal info in risk (data leaks and so on). But a security bug or missing a new protection in financial apps might also put your money in risk.

Most updates also cover important issues like security releases so it is imperative that with an app like :r: you always keep ahead of the game by accepting update releases as they occur.
Unless you are very clever you have no idea what lurks beneath the surface ready to trap you.

Can you please share your phone model and Android version? So you have custom rom installed? Are your Google apps bundled with the phone or you did install them manually using a third party source?

I have Nokia 8.1 with Android one (currently on Pie). My automatic updates are also turned off in the Play Store and I don’t have such behaviour.

Lenovo P2 (global offical version, not for chinese market)
Android 6.0.1
Custom rom is not installed.
Google apps bundled with phone (not installed manually or from 3rd party source).

Wow… imagine not updating finance/any apps like this in 2019…
I wont be surprised if next post you make will be my revolut account got hacked… where you will explain how you use outdated version, etc…

But regarding auto updating, you should seek help in google support for this crazy stuff. Happened once to me as well, some time ago.

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Generally I am always using latest Revolut app version. I am just not in a hurry to update, newest is not always best :frowning: Proven numerous times already for other apps.