Force PSD2 when shopping through Internet


Is there any way to force Revolut to request an SMS code or similar when you’re shopping in a web?

A few days ago I made a purchase in an online store and I was surprised that the purchase was made without confirmation. Is this normal behavior? Is there a setting that forces the app to send this code before approving the transaction?

In my case it has not been a problem, but I have read in another travel forum the charge of a significant amount not made that forced the user to have to cancel the card and request a new one.

A couple things:

  • Text messages (SMS) are one option for SCA. Any provider could use other methods like in-app-prompts.
  • Revolut does not use additional SCA for disposable cards.
  • For SCA to work, both the merchant and the bank must have it implemented. Merchants outside the EEA have no obligations for SCA. (There might be laws for other regions as well.)
  • There are a couple exceptions for SCA. Some are at Revolut’s discretion, some are technical. Generally speaking, they are based on risk assessment. Less verification weakens a party’s position in case of dispute.
  • E-commerce security measures like SCA help prevent card fraud. But they’re often technically circumvented in case of fraud. A POS terminal that was tampered with for example.

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Thank you Frank,

As I commented above. For me did’t suppose an issue because I was shopping at this time, but I was caught my attention no mensaje or action request to aprpove it.

I understand that disposable card have no this options. Generally you create and use this card on the fly to use it in next minutes.

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