Flawed Chat Functionality


I recently asked a :r: ‘Live Agent’ a question on certain documents I wished to submit, in order to have my yearly ‘top-up limit’ increased. The agent subsequently said he would “…escalate this chat to a relevant team which will be better suited to assist you further. They will reach out as soon as possible…”

Seems all good and well, doesn’t it? Wrong - whilst the agent has probably ‘escalated’ the chat, a red bannered message now appears when I navigate in the app to ‘Chat’, proclaiming "Your case is being handled by a dedicated team. Please expect a reply within the next 96 hours…"


  • As this chat has now been ‘escalated’, how then am I able to communicate with a ‘Live Agent’ on any other issues I may have in the meantime?
  • 96hrs is a ludicrous ‘promise time’.
  • For such an extended ‘promise time’, why is :r: using hrs and not just days. The idea of using hrs is obsolete if it’s more than 24, in my opinion.

Disclaimer: I am a Premium User and yes, I’m currently traveling, hence the AT&T on the screenshot :sunglasses:


I realized I can just type ‘Resolved’ to get around the issue, however the questions still stand.


Valid criticism, unfortunately I would not expect Revolut to do any dramatic changes in this regard in the near future.


Hi there, my live chat turned into a FAQ’s area. Anyone knows how to get it back to being an actual chat with agents?


Are you talking about business support? On the top of the overlay, there are two tabs. There you can switch to support. When your screen doesn’t show the top of the overlay, zoom out a little bit.