fixed fee in Argentina for ATM Withdrawals


Good afternoon,

I was travelling in Argentina on July and ALL ATM machines had a fixed fee of ARS 105.

Shouldn’t it be free?

I’m somehow disappointed with my Revolut card, since I wasn’t expecting to being charge with any fees and didn’t change any money… so I didn’t had other alternative of using the ATM and pay the fee.


Hey @Geirinhas :slight_smile:

Sure thing, :r: does NOT charge you for withdrawals (under the fair usage terms), but the ATM owner might :frowning:

Revolut has no control over this at all, so unfortunately nothing can be done. You’re free to complain to the ATM owner; keep in mind it’s them charging you, not Revolut :wink:


fee per transaction regardless of the amount you withdraw.

The fee specified in the article is slightly lower than what it is now, but the fees may have increased since, as the article was written over 2 years ago.


Gracias por su respuesta, Julio.

Pues yo quedé algo sorprendido porque no lo esperaba. Pero bueno, veo que el :r: no fue el culpable en eso. Una vez más, gracias :slightly_smiling_face:

@capital, thank you. Indeed it seems to be a regulated fee by the country.


Hola de nuevo :smile:

Faltaba más :wink:
Entiendo que sea sorprendente, la situación es abusiva en algunos países. Normalmente se debería avisar de antemano, pero en ciertas ocasiones o países puede no ser así :frowning:


Yeah; I was for a month in Argentina and didn’t find any ATM that wouldn’t charge at least 115$ARS for withdrawals; some charge even 150$ARS. Hate it. Better to take cash for the stay and exchange on the spot.