Fixed currency pairs - still weekend mark up is used


I have noticed that Revolut has weekend mark ups for currency pairs that are fixed to each other. There are many currencies in the world fixed to a mian currency like the USD where exchange rates do not change or only change by tiny margins. Revolut still applies the 0.5% mark up over the weekend. Example for this is USD/HKD; since 1998, one USD is between 7.75 - 7.85 HKD, 1.3%. However, in the last 1 month the range was much narrower 7.8435 - 7.8500 HKD, or 0.08%. Most weekends I checked the rate was the same Friday night to next Monday morning but Revolut expects such fixed currency pairs to slip by 0.5% or more over the weekend.
I understand this as additional income source for Revolut.


Even more so for EUR/BGN…

The rate hasn’t moved at all for the last 3 years, and yet on weekends Revolut applies markup of 1.69% (1.9558 -> 1.9231).


With HKD you have the option to exchange to it from whatever supported currency you hold. Do it on a weekday and avoid any fees. Simples!