Five months travelling with Revolut: tips & feedback


Just a quick feedback for anyone looking for advice using this card abroad. Feel free to ask me any questions in the forum. I went travelling last year for 5 months to: india, cambodia, thailand, vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zeland, Fiji, Hong kong.

Short answer to “should i use this abroad” is yes! I used this card and the Monzo card, and can confirm both did me proud. There are some slight differences between the two i will mention below.

I use android for the app now, but i used an old iphone 4s when travelling which worked fine (i think these are no longer supported now).

Revolut vs Monzo:

User interface experience: Winner Monzo (on IOS and Android)
ATM withdrawals: Winner Revolut. at time of travel monzo was 0% but limited to £1k a month, this was trouble in cash heavy countries as you can’t take enough out, therefore always having a card like revolut which doesnt block ATM is important. Recently monzo also changed their fees so revolut is now a deff clear winner here.
Exchange rate: Winner Monzo just, both the same with exception that revolut is different at weekends (see T&Cs)
Card Acceptance: The two are the same! at time of travel they were both prepaid so they had the same card supplier. Both are now fully fledged banks so i’m not sure how they handle payment suppliers now.
Reliability: No problems other than some downtime, which is no longer an issue now as both are no longer prepaid. Were some cashpoint issues in india & laos but these were not related to the cards. You’ll actually find mastercard is more likely to be accepted than visa, revolut and monzo are both mastercards.
Support: Winner Monzo. Ok so i did need to use support for both a few times to check transactions and figure out why some ATMs weren’t working. Monzo was always quicker. Revolut at the time had a very annoying system where you would wait and then your ticket would time out. At one point i was in a que for an hour and then support closed (they went to sleep), had to wait a further 7 hours before support was back online… Hopefully this has been improved in the last 6 months.
Security: Both are essentially the same with the difference that you can turn off magstrip with the monzo card. This can reduce card cloning. But reality is you will need to turn it on in alot of countries to use the card so it doesn’t help much.

Top Tips using the card:
ATMS: they will try and trick you into using their banks exchange rate. ALWAYS reject the currency conversion displayed. Most won’t even try to explain on the screen that its an option to use their rate or your cards, most will just ask “are you happy to proceed” with the conversion displayed. Always click NO, this will then withdraw the money using revolut rate
Likewise, always pay for things on the card using the LOCAL CURRENCY. some shops may try and get you to pay in your own currency stating lies like “your card is foreign you can only pay in your own currency”. Don’t do this, the shop or their local bank provider will use their own rate.

Only Take Emergency Cash The whole point in this card is you withdraw money as you go, helping you budget better and reducing risk/loss if you get mugged. I only took $250 dollars in cash with me… i came back with $100. There were only one or two cases i landed somewhere and couldn’t get cash out immediately at the airport (once in India due to cash shortages in the country, and once in Laos because atms at airport were down). Used the dollars for taxis and emergency cash exchange.

So to conclude i found revolut to be the top card to travel with. Best thing was the no ATM withdrawal limited (i was cash only for 3 of the months so alot of ATM withdrawals). Worst thing was slow support, but i expect this has or will be improved.


Thanks for that, I have not long started 12 months travelling with my partner, we both have Revolut and so far been to Goa and Mumbai in India, and currently in Nepal.
We go back to India for a bit after here, then on to Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Had some ATM issues in India initially with my card not hers, but that was sorted in a few days.
Some ATMs in both India and Nepal just point blank dont accept Revolut, even when displaying the Mastercard logo.

Hopefully we wont have too many issues on this trip!