Fitbit Pay

True. I don’t know what I was thinking about :slight_smile: But my point was - FitBit reaction time is extremely slow…

Revolut works with my Fitbit Ionic now :slight_smile:

Garmin Pay support is now available. I hope that FitBit Pay is on the way.

Revolut works with Fitbit Versa as well. But important detail - Visa is not supported :frowning:

I was able to add my Revolut master card. However, I’m stuck waiting for a verification code by sms. Did you have to do this verification at all?

Awesome !!! My black card in on :wink:

I finally got the verification message and was able to add the card in Fitbit :slight_smile:

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and the official message from Fitbit :

Hi everyone, thanks for sharing this suggestion.
We’re happy to let you know that Revolut has been launched for Fitbit Pay. You can find out more here Banks & Transit Supporting Fitbit Pay™.

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Fitbit not supported for me. Asked why, their answer was that fitbit pay is in beta phase and only available for selected group of people :S My only reason to join revolut was cause of fitbit pay, cause no other bank in my country supports it. Hope it will be available soon…

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Try adding a virtual card in Revolut. If you get a master card, it should work.

Naah, no mastercard option for me, only visa. Fitbit supported banks show that revolut(mastercard) is supported in my country but I dont know how is it possible if they only issue visa…

Try creating a new virtual card. If it creates a master card for you, you should be able to add it to Fitbit. I preferred this over adding the physical card because of the security settings of that one don’t always play well with Fitbit pay.

Hi all,

I have managed to successfully add virtual mastercard to Fitbit Pay in Bulgaria, however it has never worked - invalid card number.

I tried deleting the virtual card and creating a new one - same problem.

Is that officially supported as it says on the Fitbit page?

This error is from the POS side, will work right after the processor (usually banks) upgrade them.
Try on different shop with newer POS systems.
you can find more info on “invalid card number” here

I am wondering when Fitbit Pay and Revolut Visa will be available in Ireland? Every time I try and get new card or Virtual card it is Visa; yet Revolut MC works with Fitbit Pay.

I feel lied to again. Revolut does not work in the UK with either Metal Mastercards OR virtual mastercards OR virtual Visa cards. Yet on the Fitbit website and the mobile app it says revolut is a supported transit bank.

Another bit of fake marketing to get you to either buy a new fitbit device AND/OR sign up to Revolut under false marketing

And nether company wants to take ownership of the problem

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Fitbit Pay works fine for me in Hungary with MasterCard Metal, HUN localized BIN. Maybe you have very old or new card. Try to get a new virtual card to test it again. If you have metal it is free to have a new virtual card anyway. Or get contact with R support for assistance, should work.

does anyone know if it works now with the VISA cards?

No, it is still MasterCard only. Maybe selected MasterCard only as it sounds from previous posts…

Weird, since Google Pay and Apple Pay already work with the VISAs.