Fitbit Pay


True. I don’t know what I was thinking about :slight_smile: But my point was - FitBit reaction time is extremely slow…


Revolut works with my Fitbit Ionic now :slight_smile:


Garmin Pay support is now available. I hope that FitBit Pay is on the way.


Revolut works with Fitbit Versa as well. But important detail - Visa is not supported :frowning:


I was able to add my Revolut master card. However, I’m stuck waiting for a verification code by sms. Did you have to do this verification at all?


Awesome !!! My black card in on :wink:


I finally got the verification message and was able to add the card in Fitbit :slight_smile:

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and the official message from Fitbit :

Hi everyone, thanks for sharing this suggestion.
We’re happy to let you know that Revolut has been launched for Fitbit Pay. You can find out more here Banks & Transit Supporting Fitbit Pay™.

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Fitbit not supported for me. Asked why, their answer was that fitbit pay is in beta phase and only available for selected group of people :S My only reason to join revolut was cause of fitbit pay, cause no other bank in my country supports it. Hope it will be available soon…


Try adding a virtual card in Revolut. If you get a master card, it should work.


Naah, no mastercard option for me, only visa. Fitbit supported banks show that revolut(mastercard) is supported in my country but I dont know how is it possible if they only issue visa…


Try creating a new virtual card. If it creates a master card for you, you should be able to add it to Fitbit. I preferred this over adding the physical card because of the security settings of that one don’t always play well with Fitbit pay.