Fitbit Pay


Hi there. I love to use revolute and I would use it far more, if it would support Fitbit Pay.


Me too.
Sad that no German bank does support Fitbit Pay yet.
Maybe would make some N26 customers like me switch


any news about the use of FITBIT with Revolut??


i want to see revolut support fitbit pay … currently stuck with Boon. both on fitbit and Apple pay.


same here - had to sign up for boon after switching from apple watch to fitbit to continue using pay from watch function.
developers - please bring revolut to fitbit pay!


I’d love to see Revolut on Fitbit Pay. Honestly, since I setup boon for Fitbit, I never used Apple Pay anymore. Needless to say, the big downside of boon is the high cost outside the eurozone.


What’s the difference between this and Google/Apple Pay?


I guess the difference is that it’s another company that has to do its own deals with banks and card companies like Revolut.
That’s the difference compared to Apple Watch and Wear OS watches, which support Apple Pay and Google Pay. Fitbit have their own operating system.