First virtual card free or not ?



I want to create my first virtual card (not a spare one) but the app is asking me to top-up my account (right not I didn’t topped it yet so I have 0,00 inside my wallet). So, even if I understand a virtual card without money is useless, I’m confuse : is Revolut charging a fee for the first virtual card ?

Thanks !


Unless something changed:
• The regular card is “free” but to get it you have to pay the delivery fee.
• For the virtual card, there is a fee equal to the delivery fee of the regular one.

So basically yes, to use Revolut with a card you have to pay upfront.


From the FAQs: (Card --> Are there any charges?)


Mobile App: Free
Revolut Virtual MasterCard: Free
Revolut MasterCard: Standard Delivery £5 or currency equivalent
Global Express Delivery: UK - £12, Europe - €20, elsewhere - €30 or currency equivalent
Account management: Free
Security Features: Free

I understand that the first virtual card should be free.


Thanks to trulove and Frank but I’m still confuse…

Anyway, I’m going to top-up my account and command a Revolut Card.

Thanks again.


According to what was posted since in another thread by a Revolut employee, it seems the virtual card is indeed free but if you ever decide to apply for the physical card later, you will be charged for both:


Let me clarify, you will need to top up your account with at least 10£, even if you’re only planning to get only a virtual card.

  1. If your first card is a virtual one, then it is free.

  2. first physical card 5£

  3. spare physical card £10 (£5 Spare Card Fee + Standard Delivery £5) or currency equivalent

  4. spare virtual card £5


Hi @trulove, the answer you quoted said a cutomer ordered two cards. 1 virtual, and then a second card as a physical card. Nothing was charged in retrospect for the first free virtual card.


Thanks everybody, this time it seems clear !


Ok, after I have topped my account, I confirm again : 1st virtual card is free.

I have ordered a 6€ normal delivery card, expected on June 9.

Even if I’m now in Europe, I’m mainly living in Thailand and unfortunately I confirm the very bad rate offers by Revolut… So I don’t think I’m going to use it in Thailand but maybe travelling around or in Nord East Asia (Japan rate seems good).


Ok my account has 15 euros but I do not see the PAN number of my virtual card anywhere. What would I use online to buy something? I need the card number and CVV and expiration but they are masked still. How can I see them_


Hey @ddonev5, I can see that you had your account unverified, this is why you couldn’t see the card digits!

Your account is now verified so it should be ok.


I still do not see anything. Screenshot attached.




Oh no!

I will get in touch with you via a DM!


I have the same problem like ddonev5, can’t see anything, the card is “unclear”. any help?