First use of card

I used my card in atm to check the balance. Will that activate card? I ask as I am trying to get an Indian visa, paying in us$, however I get an error code when attempting to pay. The website is notorious for failed payments. Just wanted to make sure it was not the card. Thanks for any guidance.

Usually the advice is to perform a proper transaction. Whether checking the balance also qualifies as such, I cant tell. Did you ask Revolut’s support?

If you dont want to withdraw you could quickly buy something at a supermarket - that should definitely activate it.

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Thanks Alessandro.
Used app to contact support and they confirm you need to complete a transaction.
Will sort ASAP and hope the card works for the e visa.

Yes, you will have to make the first transaction via chip & PIN. Glad to hear that an agent was able to help you. :slight_smile: