First use of a Revolut payment card


Hello community.

I’m new Revoult user, so please don’t bite if my questions were already answered… :roll_eyes:

  1. The Revoult payment card was shipped to me today, the application tells me that I have to use PIN code for the first time to activate paypass functionality.
    Can I activate this functionality if I put the card to the ATM and for example only check my account balance (doing no transaction)? Or must I withdraw money from an ATM instead or buy something?..

  2. Can I add the Revolut card in PayPal system while my card is still shipping to me?..

Thank you and have you all a good day/night! :wink:


Hey @PrOl and welcome to our family, :grinning:

Regarding the first usage of your Revolut card you should use Chip + PIN (Regardless is it ATM or POS). In the mean time, yes you can link your card to PayPal!

Happy using! :r:


Thank you @korolija for informations. :ok_hand: