First use in Trinidad and Tobago

Generally card worked very well and never had an issue with any charges. However RBC (Royal Bank of Canada - not be be confused with Republic Bank) ATMs and related payment machines always refused transactions. Not a problem as there are lots of options available when travelling around. I found the “Big Blue Machine” ATMs easiest to spot and 100% reliable. There is one at POS airport too in main entrance area.

One issue that was annoying is that I tried to top up my card from my UK bank account but the bank required a security check via my mobile phone. The text message took a very long time to arrive (20-30 mins) by which time the confirmation number had expired. I could have phoned back to UK but the cost of doing this didn’t make sense to do. When I got home I setup a payment account to do a payment from my on-line bank access to the Resolut card - this would work in the future without the card reader once the first transfer was made - something I’d recommend everyone to setup as a fall back top-up method.

Thanks for sharing your experience so far ! Great that most worked out for your :r: