First timer

Just tried to use my card for the first time in Spain, and the atm only offered me just over €1 to the pound, it says 1:12 on the app. What’s going wrong?

If the ATM gave you a rate, you probably chose the ATM’s conversion rate.

When you’re abroad (= not in the UK), most ATMs will give you a choice:

  • let the atm do the conversion (they give you the rate, usually a very bad one)
  • withdraw in the local currency, and let your bank/card provider do the conversion (this is what you have to choose)

You should always choose the local currency (euros for Spain) when paying/withdrawing money.

In some cases, the choice will be obvious (two options on screen), but in other cases you need to choose “Decline” when they show you the rate.

I suggest you try again to withdraw money, and have a better look at the options given.

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Also, take a look at this post where you can see the two types of screens you will get at ATMs (the 2 options, or the decline button): 5% ATM Fees in the First withdrawing within my country !