First time using revolut

Hi, I will be travelling to prague on Tuesday and will be using revolut for the first time since signing up months ago. How likely is it my card will be blocked as a security measure as I’m using it in a foreign country for the first time? Is there any way to notify revolut of my travel plans before travelling as a prevention?

Your card will automatically use the local currency. You can swipe between currencies for display purposes.

I think as long as your account / ID is fully verified you should be fine. I have used my card in multiple countries in short period and never got issues. I think you should contact support to make sure. :slight_smile: Have a safe journey.

From Revolut’s FAQ:

Once you turn this feature on in the app, we will use your phone’s location to determine if your card has been compromised and help prevent fraudulent transactions.

For example, if you and your phone are in Germany and a transaction is attempted in Hong Kong with your card details - we will stop the transaction from going through. The logic behind this is if you’re in Germany, there’s a high chance the person in Hong Kong trying to use your card details isn’t you!

Don’t worry, we don’t block e-commerce payments so you can still use your Revolut card for international online shopping!

(I always recommend to read the whole FAQs, one gets some useful tips to make the most out of Revolut and they explain some particularities.)

Hi @Doogle89,

If you the system for any any reason blocked your card, you’re able to unblock your card from the card section of the app at any time.