First time user,can´t top up my account!

I´m having difficulties trying to top up the account. I already added the debit card (with cvv code) but everytime I try to top up with the card it says “the payment has not been authorized”. And when I tried to make a transfer through homebanking, it says “The beneficiary bank does not accept SEPA transfers”, even tough revolut states the transfer has to be SEPA and not SWIFT. Am I missing something?


Are you using the personal EUR IBAN for this SEPA transfer?

Yes, I am using the IBAN stated in the app in my account details. Starts with GB70…

Sounds incredibly odd.

Have you tried checking with your bank as to why this error has occurred?

Yes, and the bank says it is not a problem with them. When I try to make the transfer, as soon as I insert the IBAN, it automatically says the receiver bank does not support SEPA. One thing I noticed is that while my bank account number has 21 digits afte the country code (PT50), my Revolut account IBAN only has 18 digits and letters, after the GB70. I dont know if there are missing numbers.

Yep sounds about right. 18 characters for mine as well.

That’s definitely quite odd.

Personal EUR IBAN definitely supports SEPA, and many people on this forum have used it successfully for SEPA transactions.



As I can see your bank is blocking your payments to Revolut. You will need to call them and ask to lift any restriction might have on your card or Revolut.

Regarding the SEPA transfer, where is your bank based?

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Hi Andreas. I´ve already checked with my bank. Regarding the card, the problem is with the card itself, my bank manager says it doesn´t support that kind of payment. As for the bank transfer, altough my bank manager says the problem must be with the IBAN Revolut gave me, I´ve spoken to your colleague Denis in the in app chat and he temporarily change my account settings to your pooled account IBAN and I tried to make the transfer to that IBAN and it worked. I will now try to make a transfer to my original personal account IBAN, through my wife´s bank, to see if it works. If it works, then the problem will be my bank,if not, probably Revolut will need to give me a new personal IBAN.