First time sending money...

Hey everyone,

I will be making regular payments to a German bank account from my Revolut account. I opened up a €Eur account within Revolut thinking this would be necessary for when sending money abroad. I’m just a little unclear as to the best way to send money (to avoid fees etc). Should I first transfer £GBP from my Revolut account to my Revolut €EUR account and then transfer €EURs to the German bank? Or should I just send straight from the Revolut£ account? Or does it not make a difference?!

Thanks guys.….!

Hey Jedisha

You should first exchange the GBP in your Revolut to EUR. That way you get the interbank rate offered by Revolut. If you do not do this then the receiving bank will use their own exchange rate to do the exchange.

Hi henrikbjorn!

Thanks so much, exactly what I wanted to hear!


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