First time Revolut user going to Italy and the US!

I’m a new revolut user. Just ordered my card for my travels this summer!
I am really bad at finanacial stuff, so I have tons of questions.
My current account is in DKK. How do I get the best value exchange rate for USD?
Example: I go to a shop in the US and pay with my card. Would it be better to already have an account Set in USd? Do shop charge a fee for the transaction? What about ATMS?

You “automatically” get it, only during the weekend and holidays it is advisable to have some funds exchanged in advance, as otherwise you’d pay a surcharge on the DKK/USD exchange.

What do you mean by “set”?

Usually not, but only the shop can tell you. Be careful when it comes to DCC - they payment terminal might “offer” you to pay in GBP instead of the local currency and that would be at their bank’s exchange rate. Always decline their currency conversion and insist on paying in the local currency.

Your account limit applies. Probably DKK 1500 a month. Everything above that is charged at 25. Also, decline DCC here too.

I would suggest spending time reading the FAQ’s to get the best from :r:

And just practice before trip. Your card will be treated as abroad in any country other than GB (in Denmark too😉)

In Denmark the card is treated as a local card. Have never seen any question about DCC or otherwise. But in US, that does occasionally happen.

Maria, just use your sense of logic and it will be fine. Have never had a problem in the US with my Card.