First time - Payment declined

hi, for my first payment… the payment was declined !!! Why???

Did you activate the card (chip + PIN payment before contactless). Do you see the payment in the transaction history? Did the app notification specify the reason?

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i think, the card activated … there is no payment in the transaction history; and no reason specify

Was the payment with Pin&Chip?

The payment was with only pin

Ok could you please try to use your card to withdraw a small amount from an ATM?

i try again a payment contactless, and … yesss, it’s ok.
I will try monday a withdraw in an ATM; now, Bank in France, are close … and i cross my finger !!!

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Keep up us posed :slight_smile:


Andreas K.

Did you mean this?


Hhahahahahahaahah whoooops!

Goodmorninh any help

Card is activated, i have pin, i have app, i have recharged. I tried to made first payment 2 times in 2 different restaurant in brasil but dont work. I must be in europe ?

It has to be “chip & PIN” transaction (neither contactless nor magstripe)

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Hi géolocalisation security ?

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Enough money on your account? Best would be to ask an agent. We like to help you here but it’s a bit difficult as we don’t see the all the facts. Good Luck :four_leaf_clover:

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Hello, you need to make a withdrawal to the distributor to activate the card