First purchase on ebay.

I just got my revolut card so decided to try it out. The item was on ebay for 29.50zl in Polish zl, which according to the app comes to 6.25gbp. I made the purchase but the amount taken was 6.54gbp, not the 6.25gbp that the app said it would come to.

So I just wanted to ask, is this normal or did I do something wrong? I was assuming that there wouldn’t be any fees charged. Or is the interbank fx rate only when exchanging money inside of the app?

Hey @noz03 :slight_smile:

Does :r: show the original amount in zł? If not, you used eBay’s integrated currency conversion (over which :r: has no control) and the rate was set by eBay and not :r: :frowning:

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The interbank fx rate is not only for exchanging inside the app. If you don’t have enough funds in the charged currency, it will be charged from your main funds but with the interbank fx rate at the time of the charge. Please note that the rate is being updated every few seconds…

But yes, as Juliopp already said, ebay might converted the currency with their own rate before charging the Revolut card. Always make sure that you’re being charged in the original currency.

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Yes… It shows in GBP, interestingly it now shows in EUR on ebays page under buying history.

But they never asked my permission to charge in pounds… I thought I had to tick something for that! :frowning:

I guess this is an ebay problem then, not revolut, but if anyone happens to know how to avoid this please feel free to let me know.

Hey @noz03 :slight_smile:

I’d love to send you a link with the answer, but I’m afraid it changes with time and country (the solutions I found for the UK or Germany didn’t work in the Spanish version) :frowning:

To find a working solution, google (in your own language) “disable eBay currency conversion” or get in touch with eBay :blush:

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Why are non of the staff answering I paid for premium service

Hi there.

For future transactions, you can go on the Payments section on PayPal and then select “Pre-Approved Payments” and then select “Funding Sources” and then click on “Conversion Options” next to your card. This will give you the option to select the to select “Bill me in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice”. Then click submit and save. This is not a guaranteed fix but it should prevent PayPal from applying their conversion again.


Be aware that because Paypal like to charge a little extra (even than high street banks) for converting your money when you shop on eBay, they automatically set exchanges up to go through them. It means that you have to change it back to letting your card provider do the exchange, every single time you pay for something.

Good for Paypal, not so great for us customers.