First physical card charged as spare if virtual card exists

If you create a virtual card before ordering your first physical card, the app wants to charge you a €6 spare card fee.

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To avoid this cancel virtual card first.

Of course, but this is still a bug and canceling the virtual card could be problematic if you’ve already started using it.

It depends on you. If you want to have different virtual and physical card-you have to pay for it. If physical card and it’s in-app picture is enough, you can cancel virtual card and avoid extra fee.

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This is not a bug. The spare card fee always applies if one orders a 2nd card, whether the first is virtual or physical.

Hi there. This is not a bug :slight_smile: If your very first card is virtual then is free, any spare cards cost 5£.

As RIP Steve Jobs used to say: It is not bug- this is a feature. :joy::rofl:

I am having this issue now, I added the first metal card, which is included for free in my plan, it charged me £49 and they are not being responsive regarding cancellation of a second metal card, or a refund. Highly frustrating.

What do you mean by not responsive? are you not able to get a hold of customer support?

Hello! I have created my first account in Revolut and I rejected the ordering of my physical card by mistake. Now I have only a virtual one and I can’t order a physical card without upgrading my plan. Can I have a free physical card as it is my first card?