First class job from support!


As support often get a bad press I thought I would post regarding the excellent service received this morning.

Had a problem last night with attempted fraudulent transactions on my card. Contacted chat at 06.00 this morning and was answered in one minute by an agent named Estera. It appeared one of my 2 cards had been cloned. Matter resolved within 20 minutes, new card ordered, compromised one binned and account up an functioning again.
I realised that support don’t always respond so quickly but in this instance - faultless and prompt service!


Thanks for sharing your excellent experience with the support !


I’m so glad to hear that @TonyP :heart:

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This morning not long after this message was posted I was amazed to see there was already 7 :heart: likes for only 2 replies (like now). I was surprised :face_with_raised_eyebrow: because usually it takes quite a while before getting 1 :heart: or 2 :heart: likes. I was also surprised because many :r: customers has been complaining on the forum about the online support…

So now I am wondering if there are people who post messages on this forum who are in fact working for Revolut. :thinking:

My experience with :r: online support is quite different than TonyP and it’s why I just posted a new topic to see if I can get some :heart: :heart: :heart:.

Hey @AndreasK if you pay well I can leave as many :heart: as you want or post good positive enthusiastic messages about :r:. Is there a job for me? :wink:


Unfortunately KIMW I am not on the payroll of Revolut. Like yourself I also have had a number of occasions when support have not responded as quickly as they might.

However, on this occasion, and as mentioned above , they were faultless. My normal approach is to speak as I find and in this is exactly what I have done in this case.

By all means criticise when things aren’t up to scratch - when however the service you receive exceeds expectation then it’s not unreasonable to say so :smile:


Majority of support requests have been positive and swiftly dealt with. I’ve only needed to contact a few times, once was when an American ATM failed to dispense money but still deducted my balance. This was swiftly dealt with and sorted by support that very same day. I also had great support when I had to swap my insurance policy over to my replacement device, as my my 1 day old Pixel 2 XL was being RMA’d.
Today was my first bad experience whereby it took me to ask for a supervisor, for my request to actually be listened to.
Unfortunately, the aforementioned ATM issue in America, back in September 2016 had somehow charged my account 14 months later. Support had said it was a delayed offline transaction, which is absurd. It took me at least 3 times to explain it, and I made it very clear, before my request was actually sent to the correct team. This was following my express of disappointment whereby I wanted to escalate my case to a supervisor or a similar role.

I’ve been overall happy with the service, but I felt that support was very unprofessional today and it does make a superior product feel interior. Certainly with the expansion you’re taking following the bank license, you’re going to need to ensure that support is performing very well, otherwise it will be the Achilles heel of your aim in being a challenger bank.

Thanks for reading.



I think they’re fast in their response most of the time but I’m having g real trouble with them now. Upgraded to premium to receive 24/7 support and so far nothing. I transferred a large sum to my landlady expected to arrive on Thursday. It’s now Monday and she still hasn’t gotten it. I’m in Australia atm and it’s me plus 5 other people’s rent plus deposit for the house and now she’s threatening we might have to leave as her patience is running out as is mine. Because of the urgency f this I thought by signing up to premium I’d get this 24/7 priority support they’re claiming but I haven’t even had a message to say how long until someone will be available to speak to me. I’m presuming it’ll be 6 am their time before someone responds to me . Bit of a joke if you ask me, they said they had a payment processor looking into it but how long does that take? I paid extra for a turbo transfer and it’s not worked. I’m very stressed and feel like they do not care about my situation. In my frustration I’ve tried to get in case ntact with them via Facebook ,Twitter and Instagram in the hope someone will respond to me in the chat as I’m presuming there’s some kind of technical issue as to why an agent isn’t responding to me…I was pretty impressed with everything up until now…

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Today I had a question for support because I can not find an answer on faq and in this community forum and I had to wait only 1 minute for a live agent and next one minute for an exhaustive answer. Great work!