Fingerprint unlock without global android-wide lockscreen


Would be nice if you could allow us to use fingerprint to unlock the app (android). I know this is available when you have your global lockscreen set to fingerprint lock but its not working when you dont have that. Monzo delivered this feature today. You can use fingerprint unlocking app without having to lock your entire phone.


Do you mean this?

If yes, this is here: more> profile


Yes, this. But I only this options visible only when my whole android has screen lock on. If I dont have any type of lockscreen this options in revolut are not visible.


I use fingerprint on android look screen but don’t see this option in Revolut…

Anyone know why?


I am using Google Pay, so I have to have some lock… (It doesn’t have to be fingerprint lock)

Don’t you have such shown above?
Is your app up to date?


Yes, app up to date. I’d love fingerprint lock…


Try uninstall the app, then install it ones again. It it should work.


I just tried…no difference unfortunately


Hmmm which revision of app do you have? Mine is 4.14.1, and as you can see on my screenshot I am able to turn it on…


I have just reinstalled so the latest in the Google play store…I can’t see the version in the app.


Exactly in the same place where switches from the screenshot are, but on the bottom.


This is because of SafetyNet check, your device is either rooted or doesn’t pass SafetyNet for some other reason. Revolut seems to check for this before allowing fingerprint unlock option - but I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere.


If you are rooted and use Magisk you can hide Revolut and fingerprint unlock comes back.


This worked, thank you very much, I was getting mad, other apps (paypal for instance) were working fine even if not hidden so I did not guess that was the problem.