Find My Card!

Ever lost your card and panicked? Can’t decide whether to report it lost or keep searching for it? Never (in theory) lose your card again:

  1. Panic moment, I can’t find my card ! Oh S***!
  2. Franticly get your phone out of your pocket
  3. Tap Revolut
  4. Select Card
  5. Find My Card!
  6. Map opens with location [or last location] of your card
  7. Travel to the location
  8. Pickup Card
  9. Happy human again…
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Bless your heart …

What if someone copied your card details?

Technically difficult since the card doesn’t have a transponder or anything. You can always see where you’ve used it the last time in the app.
And it’s actually much more secure to have multiple Revolut cards so once you lost one card you can just disable it in the App and use the other one. Multiple cards also make sense so that you can use one for example for online purchases and one for everyday spending and disable eCommerce on that one. And as Andreas said, once you lost it, it’s not secure anymore so for that reason you should get a replacement card anyway. Which again, it not a problem at all if you have multiple cards.

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Same problem if you lose, freeze and unfreeze?

Yes. If they have copied the card details then could just keep trying until you unfreeze the card again.

Wouldn’t the card have to have a GPS chip to track the precise location? I think the location from the last POS wouldn’t be enough to actually find a card. I think a GPS chip would propose a breach of data safety and privacy laws in many countries.

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I’ve got to agree with some of the other posters. How will the app know where your card is?

Let’s say you’re on a long car journey and you stop to get fuel. You pay with Revolut. You get in your car and drive away. Hours later, you can’t find your card. How will the app know whether the card is on the ground at the fuel station, or on the floor of your car after you dropped it getting back in?

It’s a good idea in theory but I don’t think the technology is there yet.

As a PSA if you lose your card and it have been in the possession of another person, then you should mark it lost and destroy it. You can’t be certain they haven’t copied its information.

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Then more than one “happy human again”,
A less happy person

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did this actually work for you?