Financial Power in Your Hands 🤑

Hi everyone :wave:

The account built for teens! Yes, you heard it right. Revolut <18 is the account for everyone, aged 6-17 years. With this account, your kid can spend, send and stash their money, their way :dart:

They can smash their savings goals - Are they planning to buy sneakers or go on a trip? Don’t worry. Teens can save towards their goal and track progress in the Revolut <18 app :moneybag:
Please note that Goals are not interest-bearing accounts.

They can fix a budget, and be their own boss - Teens can fix their own budget and stick to it by tracking it in the app. They’ll even get instant alerts to maintain their budget and build healthy habits :yen:

Teens can choose their own way to spend money; either their Revolut <18 contactless card or Apple / Google pay :credit_card:
(subject to regional age limits)

Let them get a card as unique as them - Yes! They unleash their creativity by designing a card through your app. They cancan draw on it, add text or even emojis :smile_cat:
Personalisation fees may apply.

Did you challenge them to clean up the room for £3? Or clean the car for £5? Once done, they can receive those instantly within their account :money_mouth_face:

Unlock limitless possibilities with an account built for teens! How are you using Revolut <18 with your kid? Let us know in the below thread :point_down: