Financial Ombudsman Service


I have just reported Revolut to the Financial Ombudsman Service.
Your 24/7 support is non existent and the money that I transferred to you and confirmed by you, is still not in my account after several days.

Other readers BE WARNED !


What happend, your account was locked?


Account has not been locked. The large sum of money that I transferred to them last week has not been credited to my account even though they have confirmed the funds have reached them. Contacting them is virtually impossible and if I do the reply is that they have “escalated” my request. Seven days later I still have no money.

Perhaps they are operating a scam whereby they take our money and then invest it until we complain to much. Maybe it is a Ponzi scheme. Who knows.


Yea maybe they are Reptilians too!

What they mean by escalated? Did you proactively warned them about the large sum of money?

Are you standard or premium ?

Do you have some history with your account or did you opened it and make the transfer immediatly?