Field missing in excel statement


It seems that the field ‘Paid Out’ is missing in the excel version of the EUR statement. All the other fields are correct, also the new balance. See example:

Completed Date ; Reference ; Paid Out (EUR) ; Paid In (EUR) ; Exchange Out; Exchange In; Balance (EUR); Category
8 Aug 2017 ; ; ; ; ; ; 213.76; shopping
8 Aug 2017 ; ; ; ; ; ; 217.74; shopping

Thanks for solving this!


I see the same thing.

Also - why is the field delimiter a semicolon rather than a comma?


Actually - potentially more problems.

It seems that the transactions for a given day are not ordered by transaction time, making it impossible to recover the Paid Out value correctly.


The PDF export also appears to suffer from the same date bug. This makes statement export basiclaly useless as it stands.