Fell at the first hurdle ...

New user, cards ordered, £12 paid for “Express delivery”, delivery promised today Thursday 29th March.

Guess what ? No, I’m not surprised either …

When did you order?


Tuesday, 27th …

Thats two days ago. Depending at what time you ordered it they might have shipped it Wednesday. It can take up to three days, so that would make it next Monday. If you are in the UK it should be up to two days, so tomorrow. So not quite sure about the complaint.

Only if you ordered it Tuesday morning to the UK and they shipped it straight away it should have arrived by today.

Also it is Easter, at least in Denmark there are no postal service through Easter.


When I ordered the cards the website told me "Delivery, Thursday 29th March’

So they should be here !

Thats an approximate date. They certainly cant give a guarantee.

Alright, at what time did you order it on Tuesday and where to?

Hey @subfiver :slight_smile:

Are you a business user? :wink:

Hi there. Sorry to hear that. :frowning: Have you reached out to our in-app support team so an agent can investigate?

Nope, but Royal Mail’s website tells me that they are in Manchester depot since 0130hrs this morning. No deliveries today (national holiday) so expected tomorrow

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So assuming it was shipped on Wednesday, it is on-time.

If the application displayed yesterday as delivery it might be a bug which shows the expected delivery from the time of ordering instead of the time of shipping.

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