Fees to transfer money from Revolut to accounts outside SEPA



Have question about SWIFT payments from Revolut account.
SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) allows banks to exchange messages including payment instructions.

BEN, SHA, OUR are codes in a SWIFT instruction.
The OUR instruction means sender pays all transfer charges. Receiver get all your payment.
SHA (shared) means sender only pay outgoing transfer charge. Receiver get payment minus the correspondent (intermediary) bank charges.
BEN (beneficiary) means sender do not pay any charge. Receiver get payment minus all transfer charges.

I would like to know, which SWIFT payment instruction ( BEN, SHA or OUR ) use Revolut, when we make payments outside of SEPA ?

Sorry, but Revolut is not good, when we have transfer money outside SEPA. I transferred 52 EUR to Ukraine. Receiver got 40 EUR only. Even really bad money transfer systems (as wu, moneygram) would be better in my case.

Making SWIFT transfer would be nice to see approximate fees on Revolut application. There see that transfer is free, but do not see hidden fees, which we have pay to other banks.

Waiting comments from Revolut.


cannot answer your topic in full, but they usa SHA in Swift transfers for sure. There is 3rd kind of possible transfers named “local transfer” (beyond SEPA and Swift), f.e. for sending PLN (Zloty) to Poland. In this case I think there is no fee, but I’m not quite sure …
I would be interested in Revolut’s exact definition of “local transfer”, but cannot find in the FAQ …


Local transfer means that company which makes transfer has bank account in this country. Then instead to make regular SWIFT transfer they can make local transfer (from company account to receiver account) . This way make transfers many money transfer systems. For example Paysera has bank accounts in many SEPA countries - Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, not SEPA country - Georgia, and three Eurozone countries - Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, To or from these countries Paysera instead regular SWIFT can make local transfer. All this information is on Paysera web page. Sorry, but do not see this information on Revolut.