Fees on transfering to BANK account


    I'm new to revolut. I checked the FAQ and as far as I see I can top up my account from an EU debit card for free. A friend of mine from Germany is sending me some stuff via post and I want to transfer some money from my Revolut app to his bank account in Germany. What would be the fee and does it increase over weekends?


Read this:

Thank you. I checked this out yesterday, but read that specific payments can inflict costs during weekend and etc.

“You should also watch out for third party fees. If your transfer is sent in Euros and your bank is using SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), then a transfer from Revolut is free. SEPA comprises of the 28 E.U. member states as well as Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco and San Marino.”

According to the text if SEPA is supported, then it is free.

Thanks for the clarification

I have no idea how to create new threads on this quirky board so I will just type here.

I’ve been told that only international transfers incur a fee, but it doesn’t seem to be true. Domestic transfers in non-local currency also incur a fee, but you don’t mention it anywhere.

My scenario:
(A) polish account on Revolut (with funds in NOK currency)
(B) polish IBAN (but with NOK currency)

I want to transfer NOK from (A) to (B), so I assume I will not be charged with a fee as I am not making an international transfer in this case, because both my Revolut account and my IBAN are polish. But in fact it is treated as international transfer due to non-polish currency (NOK).

Is there really no way to bypass this calamitous fee?

Just to be clear…
are you trying to transfer Norwegian Krone in NO from your :r: NOK wallet to a different PL institution without using a NO IBAN?
That would indeed be an international transfer.

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Revolut’s fees for transfers are explained on their fees page. Here’s their definition of local transfers:

Local payments: Free. This means payments in your base currency that are sent to an account in your country.

So only transfers in ZĹ‚oty are considered local transfers for Polish customers.

There’s no way to fully avoid fees for “international” transfers with Revolut, but depending on your plan, you get a discount.

So Revolut’s NOK wallet is located in Norway?! Why?
Currency and country are two separate things for me.

I thought all my funds (regardless of currency) are located in Poland, since that’s where I have my address registered at Revolut.
So I assumed sending any funds to polish foreign currency account (polish IBAN, NOK currency) is treated as domestic transfer.
That’s how it works at the exchange platform I’ve been previously using.

Technically, your NOk wallet is in Lithuania. But that’s not relevant.

What’s relevant here is Revolut’s price list and their definition of what a „local“ transfer is. I quoted the paragraph.

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you’re missing the points made about foreign and domestic transfers.

No-one is holding you to use :r:
As they said in the WW1 trenches, “if you can a better hole, go to it” :wink:

Oh come on, it has nothing to do with foreign transfers, technically all Revolut transfers are international because apparently all my funds on Revolut are in Lithuania anyway. This fee shouldn’t be even called “international transfer” to begin with, it has nothing to do with countries, as it turns out it depends only on your basic currency and currency which you send. In the end only EUR and your current basic currency are free from this fee.

Yep, I’ve checked it out, didn’t quite like it and probably won’t use it ever again, or use only as a fallback.

Change my life, @signal, thanks, need money to invest